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NEW album
"Process: a story of human capacity"

     It's released! Eric Paul's first self-produced album "Process: a story of human capacity" dropped on all streaming platforms 10.21.21. The album demonstrates a very open, vulnerable creative perspective on many relatable life experiences. When asked, Paul stated:


     "I chose to take a more raw approach with this album. I want to share as honest an experience as I can. I'm not one who likes a lot of post-production corrections as it is, so I want it to feel like I'm performing these songs right in front of you; a personal live performance."


     The album is a 12 song compilation of various sounding songs. It still has that "Eric Paul flare," but no one song sounds like the other. Paul mentioned his intentions are to represent the various emotions we experience. Worth noting is that his writing style has also evolved from previous releases. There's a more honest approach in his writing style; a good sign of what to expect with releases in the future.

     So go ahead and give it a listen! Click the links below for access to a few different streaming sites: 


                  Apple Music


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RECENT ALBUM: "Process: A story of human capacity"

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