Summer Single "Charged" Released 7.11.19


Eric Paul's summer release of his new single "Charged" stands as a testament to his natural evolution as an artist and songwriter. With very raw, vulnerable lyrics and a groove that builds slowly as the song progresses, it's an honest expression of Paul's personal experience. In addition, the smooth, clean rhythm guitars and gritty lead guitar add to the overall dynamics and emotional tone of the song.


When asked about the single, Paul responded, "I really wanted to get this out," adding, "This is probably one of the most personal songs to me. I'm glad I did this. It was very difficult for me to bare all, open up, just be this vulnerable with the world." And when you listen to the single, you'll understand what he means. There is a lot of emotion poured into this track.  


The single is available on all major streaming sites and can also be found on his bandcamp page.     



In the Press

Eric Paul's EP "Killer" reviewed in Little Village Magazine


The EP, released in October 2018, was recently reviewed by Iowa City/Cedar Rapids publication, "Little Village." It received many compliments and only bolsters Eric Paul's vision and career. 

To read the review, please click the link below.



Eric Paul's second EP, "Killer," is a grittier turnaround from his 2014 debut, self-titled EP. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Nashville's best kept secret, Logan Schlegel, "Killer" really became a collaborative effort between not only Eric and Logan, but also co-producer Chad Bell, and musicians Sean McDonald (drums) and John Davis (Bass). 

A change from the cleaner tones and stylings of his 2014 debut EP, this second release leads you on a grinding path that leans towards a more "real-life" experience. A lot of soul went into this work of Rock 'n' Roll art, and its catchy riffs and hooks will stick with you after you experience the sound. It's not one to put down.  

"Killer" is a true glimpse into the heart and soul of Eric as an artist and human being. Various life experiences helped mold these songs, and you get to see the world through Eric's eyes. Enjoy the audible journey!